About Me…

About me

I am from Oregon, yes, I was actually born there and have lived there most of my life, but I now live in Germany. I am a certified teacher in Oregon but now, here, I teach English and am learning German and about all things European.

Oh, and I married my husband, in Oregon, in 2010.

We now have a kid, who is getting older every day, but adds immense joy and opportunities to learn to our lives. Plus, said child helps us with our German language ability and with being more integrated every day, although I doubt we will ever be fully integrated, we’re still too American.

I am…a female person, public introvert and private extrovert, mother, Obliger, ENFJ-T (Protagonist), Enneagram type 1, in House Hufflepuff, with a Blue DiSC personbality (analyser/organizer). and acts of service are my love language.

If you want to learn even more about me you should look here or here, leave a comment or send me an email, because I am a real person.

For questions or permission to use my personal photos (any photo that doesn’t link back to another source was taken by me) please email me at livingtheamericandreamineurope@gmail.com

I promise to follow up if you legitimately write to me. *Updated February 2021.

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Thank you.

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