International Game Night

I just thought it was awesome and a little funny that our friends got together this weekend to play a board game that my husband ABSOLUTELY LOVES called Last Night on Earth. My Husband and I have a thing for zombies…

My favorite costume...playing dead alive.

So, we had friends over who are originally from France, England, Israel/Ukraine, Portugal/Cameroon, and America and we ate Pizza and drank French, Italian and German wine…in Germany. It was a regular international night.

Bad move...

This is why this evening was funny.  This is a picture of the board game we were playing. Our French friend and her British partner (the grey game piece in the middle of the picture wearing the hat) convinced our Israel/Ukrainian friend (the grey game piece just behind the other game piece with the hat) to move onto the same square as the Frenchie so that she could protect Israeli/Ukrainian friend. They spent about three minutes working on her because just to the left is a strong hoard of zombies (my self and my husbands zombies. of course, in brown and green surrounding the grey pieces) just waiting to attack. Immediately when it was Frenchies’ turn, she ran away, onto a different square. She did change her mind a moment later but I thought the moment deserved to be captured on film.

It really doesn’t/shouldn’t say anything about the various cultures in the house this evening. It was just funny. Perhaps it is an indication of the personality of the individuals in our house. At least my husband and I are happy to know that we would be okay for a certain amount of time in our house in case of a zombie apocalypse.

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