Lists…(or things to do in Portland when your dead)…

This post could also be called…

“Things we miss from Portland” or “Ode to Portland”

I say this, as I have said before, we are those people, that just love their city so much they gush about it whenever possible, so much so that it makes others sick. I am just not sorry about this though. Sorry, I have no remorse. The City was there when I needed it (never mind that used to be a wicked dance club back in the 90’s until they started revamping the industrial part of inner NW Portland into the Pearl District – Just go watch Drugstore Cowboy for scenes of how that area used to look [circa 1989], there have been some SWEEPING changes.). I appreciate the trust and freedom that my parents gave me when I was younger which allowed me to get out of the suburban town I grew up in and go into downtown often.  I wonder if my parents knew they were helping foster my wanderlust? I know when I was younger, other mothers probably thought it made me a morally loose woman, pleh!

Of course, we miss our families – of course!!! But, this is not a post about or for them but of rather for our love of this city we grew up and met in.

This conversation began in Bonn at a Tex-Mex restaurant and a pitcher of Margaritas. At one point my husband did say, “…um, that one restaurant on Powell that everyone goes to at 3 AM…the Griddle House?” My obvious response was “Griddle, what?! Are you 90? It’s the Hotcake House.” And then I laughed at him profusely.

The Original Hotcake House...a beacon of light in the drunken early morning.

In fact, in 2007 Portland made the New York Times travel section with its “36 hours in…“. I think my husband and I might need more than 36 hours there to complete our list(s) (see below) but, all the same the article was sweet on a tourists Portland. This list is good for us to make and share, especially since the next time we trek across the world back to home we will likely bringing friends with us. It’s good they know what they are getting into! This post will not be about the music from Portland that we love so much, that might need it’s own post since it is rather a mecca for musical artists (swoon!).

These lists are not in order of importance.

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One thought on “Lists…(or things to do in Portland when your dead)…

  1. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. I admit there are some things I haven’t experienced, but I am loving the list ANYWAYS. 🙂

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