Good ideas about modern education

A short video about why we need to change how we teach our students…

…and now the hard part actually doing it, no? Because we often think that this is what we are doing, as teachers – changing the old way of teaching/learning, or at least modifying it, but are we really?

If you are a teacher, what tips do you suggest (or utilize in your own classrooms, any level) to help other educators to encourage students creatively and to lead creative instruction?

Thanks in advance for sharing (even simply your thoughts/feedback on this video)…

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I live in Europe, I am from America.

One thought on “Good ideas about modern education

  1. I fucking love this video. I really like the idea of employing the body-mind-soul technique that I learned from a former colleague of ours. The idea is that the only way to reach the students’ souls is to engage first their bodies and then their minds. This is also a good technique because it really speaks to different learning styles.

    Also, I like when instructors embrace technology, as opposed to rejecting it. When we embrace modern technologies and find a balance with our traditional values, then students are more likely to respect and listen to us… because no matter how you look at it, in the end “texting” and Facebook and blogs are all methods of modern communication, jusat as Google and Wikipedia are methods of modern research. Not bad or wrong, just different.

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