I have to do it, because I am from Portland…

I said I would post it didn’t I? Yes, I did. Here is the “Shit Portlanders Say” and it is pretty spot on in my opinion. I am guilty of saying many of these things:

The only inaccuracy I found with the video is regarding the Portland nightlife. It was rare if ever that I felt like that when going out, especially the last couple of years that I lived there. Many places were so insanely crowed that waiting in line seemed silly – and usually was!

From YouTube here are some of the things commenters said were missing:

(via Toropop)

  1. I have a full-time job as a student.
  2. I just moved here from Seattle.
  3. My unemployment just ran out.
  4. I work at Intel.
  5. I’m part of Occupy Portland.
  6. I’m going to a Trailblazers game.
  7. I don’t own a car.
  8. I’m pawning this stuff for an awesome new tattoo.
  9. I’m a DJ. (who isn’t, or even better I’m in a band, I play guitar!)
  10. I’m not a hipster.(Guilty! Does this mean that I am regardless simply because I am from PDX?)
  11. We don’t take plastic. Cash only.  (Sounds like Germany!!)
  12. That strip club has the best steak dinner in town.

(via magdalen23) Good job by the way of hitting the nail on the head here!! Unfortunately, I have been on both sides of your description of Shit Portlanders say!

Old-school Portland:

  1. “The X-Ray? It’s a fucking church now!”
  2. “Yeah, I stopped doing meth, moved in with my parents in Aloha. Can I bum a smoke?”
  3. “I’m writing a memoir.”
  4.  “The Big Bang is a fucking hotel now!”  (The Big Bang closing was sad, sad day!)
  5. “Congrats, I heard you’re in the Whitney Biennial next year. So am I!”
  6. “Yeah, I’m still a book scout.”
  7. “Congrats, I heard you’re James Beard Chef of the Year. Can I bum a smoke?”
  8. “Coffee Time is still fucking Coffee Time!”

New Portlanders:

  1. “I didn’t know it’d be so hard to find a job here.”

And for those of you that are familiar with the ‘couve, this video is for you (as if you haven’t seen it yet):

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