It’s Back…

I am so excited about this that I am making a blog post about it, and since it is my blog I am totally allowed to do so…without shame

Community is back tonight!!

Yes! There are so few quality-made television shows on the standard American channels anymore, since reality television is so much cheaper to produce and is easily more a grandiose and asinine pageantry than anything that could be scripted. One of my husbands and my favorite films is Idiocracy. When we share this with people they either wholeheartedly agree or are completely disgusted, which I find interesting, as both my husband and myself see the film as a commentary of sorts about how docile and, at times lacking in intelligence  society seems to be. For all the advances we make in society, especially in the US, we do something equally asinine. One of the points the film makes is about how simplified television has become five-hundred years in the future, the most popular television show in America  is “Ow! My Balls!” which is reality television clips of people being hit in the groin with various objects. When my husband and I try to watch most American television, we are often disappointed, making me think of this fictional television show from Idiocracy.

To me, it kinda looks like modern American network programming:

Community is cleverly written with multiple-layered story lines running throughout each episode. One episode in the second season where, in spite of whatever was happening during the main storyline, Abed is seen throughout in the background helping give birth to a pregnant woman in Greendale’s parking lot. In the last episode of the season, Shirley must give birth to her child at the community college and lo and behold, Abed can help, much to the surprise of the other study group members. If you were quick enough to see all of this in the episode before the season finale, then you already knew Abed would be able to pull it off. This is only one example of the complex details that  entirely  out about the plot and storyline of the  show and the characters. Another excellent episode is also from season two, when they are remeniscent of all the crazy adventures the study group had that semester. It starts out like a “bottle episode“, but ends up with more different scenes than any of the other episodes, often with the group in new, never-before-seen scenarios.  The show also makes countless pop culture references, which I love. We often gladly re watch the episodes and always see things we missed the first time. It is really that good!

The show was shelved midway into its third season apparently to make way for the return of “30 Rock”. Unfortunately, Community wasn’t the only show  forced into hiatus this season, but I know that at least my husband and I are happy for its return. While I know this isn’t an amazingly witty review of the series, it is meant as a simple shout-out and to remind you to find it and watch it, if you didn’t know it was back.

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