Because Portland is like a cult…

…and I feel it is my cultural duty to support the cult, even from thousands of miles away!Here Kona Bikes explains “How bikes make cities cool: Portland

I loved riding my bike in Portland and sometimes it just plain felt silly to drive in the city. There is definitely a strong bike culture in Portland. It isn’t perfect, but it is pretty strong. Going to Amsterdam or Antwerp make me wax real poetic about Portland and biking too. The town I live in could take a hint or two from these other cities, but to a certain degree I understand why the infrastructure here for daily cyclists isn’t as strong. It has to do with two factors, money and history. You cannot throw a stick in this town without hitting something historic and whats more, Roman! The city already has a hell of a time with construction because ruins and artifacts are always being uncovered, which only delay construction further. Before my town can create more bike lanes they need to repair a few heavily driven streets. This spring they plan on repairing and potentially expanding on a major thoroughfare into Luxembourg which will only add to the chaos that is commuting by driving in this town. Unfortunately, I think cyclists and commuter bike paths within the city are a high priority. That said, I still see a considerable of students on their bikes and people running daily errands on their bikes around the city center. Plus, the weather has been especially nice lately, so I need to get my bike to the shop.

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