Creating and Sustaining Family…

My sister-in-law just had a baby in July and another is about to have one herself in October. My sister is also pregnant with her third (biological, she has three more by marriage) child too. Add to this that all of my friends in Portland or the US in general seem to be either pregnant or having just had a baby…I have baby on the brain. Never mind that I find myself simply missing my family and friends in general, then especially more when I hear they are all growing.

This post ultimately has been a hard to write because I don’t want to get the information wrong.  I also am striving to be objective and finally, it is a challenge to find information or even to know where to look if your working in a different, generally unfamiliar language, as I am.  I also find it difficult as a writer, especially on the subject of culture and living as a stranger in a different land, not to get too personal. I am not really sure how this subject cannot get personal. Family is about as personal as it can get. All I can say is that I hope I don’t disappoint!

Confession: I began writing this blog entry when I opened my blog account in summer of 2011 and I have come back to it every few months to add and adjust information as I find it or it is shared with me and I may feel it will never actually be completely finished, but the topic is important, so I have to keep chipping, or typing rather, away at the subject.


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