What I Know About Germans: Now a Top 100!

I am still here, I promise. My life is drastically changing and I’m working more than ever before. What that means is that this poor blog has suffered. I’m sorry dear readers, really I am. I promise to come back and spill the beans about how my life is changing AND update some posts that I’ve been working on for some time – but it might take a few weeks, or my December break.

So, to appease you lovely reader, I would like to share with you something that came across my attention today, written by an Australian that used to live in Munster:

Liv of A Big Life penned this epic list when she lived in Münster, Nord Rhine Westphalia. […] So, from an Australian expat’s point of view:

What I Know About Germans. 

via What I Know About Germans: Now a Top 100! : uberlin.
You’re very welcome.

I miss you too.


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