Apparently, some nut job felt it was important to go to the mall in Clackamas county, Oregon where I am from, and open fire at the mall at 3:30 in the afternoon Tuesday December 11, firing roughly 60 shots, killing two people and himself and injuring numerous more.

An initial report:

Police press conference (6:35 p.m. local time [there is an update press conference video below, from 9:30 local time, under KPTV]):

Update (Dec. 15, 2012) via OregonLive (Web version of Oregonian newspaper):

After the initial burst of gunfire, Roberts walked a few paces west from Macy’s, as if headed to the food court, witnesses said, scanning the crowd as he went. Hundreds of people had darted out the exits when the gunfire began, but plenty more remained inside. Some curled into balls beneath the court’s wooden tables, their fast-food meals cooling above them. Others kneeled behind kiosks. A few just stayed where they fell in that first rush of fear, out in the open with their heads down, bodies as tight to the cold, hard floor as they could manage. The screaming that met the first gunshots died to a low buzz of people muttering, whimpering and trying, several in the crowd later said, to avoid the killer’s attention (Griffin, 2012).


While I am not happy anyone was actually injured or killed, I am glad that the number of people physically injured or killed was kept at a minimum.

It makes me very happy that I live in a country that has such a low number of acts of violence like this and saddened that my home country’s acts of violence like this simply increase every year.

While I had written much more, then deleted it. I think it is more important that I stop here, without much reflection because I don’t want to get too political or philosophical, after all not many facts have been released about the perpetrator and their motives and all the crazy trolls  commenting on the news stories can do that for you for now.

All I will say, because it has already started is this – here comes another stupid non-discussion about the second amendment. Without really taking stock in what the real issues are.

This is just sad, and strange.

Local News reports of the tragedy:

Clackamas Town Center responds:

Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone who was in the mall at the time of this unfortunate incident.  We are grateful to have the stellar support of all the law enforcement agencies and rescue personnel in the area, who immediately took action and continue to ensure the safety of everyone remaining at the property.  The mall will remain closed tomorrow, Wednesday, December 12.

Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber responds:

My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families. I appreciate the work of the first responders and their quick reaction to this tragic shooting. Oregon State Police Superintendent Rich Evans is on the scene. I have directed State Police to make any and all necessary resources available to local law enforcement.”



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