‘The Motherhood’

So, as I’ve said before, but you might have missed it – I am pregnant.Yes, my husband and I will be having an international baby.

I’ve been trying to learn all I can about being pregnant in Germany/Europe. I honestly wouldn’t know the first thing to do really, no matter where I was living.

So, as it is I will likely think of myself as a lost failure too often at first, at least until I get my ‘sea legs’.

When I first found out I was pregnant I watched “What to Expect…”, since I was already reading the how-to book. The film is okay. It is cute in a Hollywood way, perfect if you happen to be a hormonal pregnant woman! With these types of films, I’m almost embarrassed to say I watch them – but I do on occasion and usually alone, so no one can tease me about it – because I would probably have to punch them if they did.

I will admit that of all the pregnancies in the film, I figured mine would most likely be like Elizabeth Bank’s character’s pregnancy (sorry about the bad copy of the clip – it’s all I could find):

So far, it hasn’t been as extreme (I’ve in fact been pretty lucky), but it is pretty close to how I have felt the last couple of months!

However, this is not the real reason I am writing this post – it is because I wanted to share this other video with you, because I imagine that this will be me in less than a year, minus the Fiat:

You’re welcome.

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