Shameless self promotion

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I love being nominated for blogger awards of all kinds. Both the kind that are a pay-it-forward type and any other type really as long as it promotes by blog in a good way.

Well, it turns out one or some of you, dear readers, has nominated me for a IX14 blog award and now it is time to vote.

Lexiophiles and invite you to vote for the best blog of the IX14 ‘Top 100 International eXchange and eXperience Blogs’ competition! Give your vote to the most exciting, inspiring, open-minded blogger writing about his or her experience abroad.

Voting will be open to anyone until February 17th

The winners will be announced on February 20th

How does the ranking work?
We rank blogs solely according to user votes. Rest assured that our voting system saves each vote. We have several security measures in place to assure no vote fraud. This can result in vote commit changes at the end of the voting phase as we check all votes.

Who is eligible?
Any blogger who writes / shoots videos / podcasts about their international experience. Be it high-school exchange, student exchange, au-pair, social year abroad, expat, around-the-world travel etc. This also includes the au-pair/exchange host families. As we want to reward specific / individual people a maximum number of 5 authors per blog is permitted. Blogs can be in all languages.

You will find over 200 blogs from all over the world, written in English, German, Polish, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish and French. Now it’s time to vote for your favorite blog!

How to vote? It’s easy: Search for your favorite blog (blogs are sorted from A to Z), click on it, and then hit the Vote Button on the bottom of the list.

Remember: You can only vote once!

What can I win?
This year, we will donate an education package for UNICEF in the name of each blogger. UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s Fund, is a driving force that helps build a world where the rights of every child are realized. Among other important matters, UNICEF focuses on overcoming childhood poverty, violence, disease and discrimination.

– How cool is that?!

I may not win, but I think it is really cool that I’ve been nominated. Why not see how far I can get!

Vote here

Thank you for voting for me.

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I live in Europe, I am from America.

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