Hello, it’s me…

Photo by Polina Zimmerman on Pexels.com

Hi folks, I just wanted to tell you I wasn’t dead or missing or had given up blogging.

All of these are false.

I’ve just been learning to manage and (more importantly) enjoy motherhood, abroad as an expat and relatively newly married woman.
Let me just tell you that it has been a time of contradictions, blessings, frustrations, and exponential personal growth.

While it would probably be best to post pictures, in the interest of privacy and acknowledgement of the fact that my child is not able to fully comprehend what an early online life might mean for him – even though he loves having photos taken and looking at them – I won’t post pictures with this post. Just know that I really never left, I just had to upgrade my writing equipment and find time to write about my interesting, but potentially normal expatriate life.

This time, I promise I AM back, at least for a bit to write about what I see, read about, and experience as an American living in Germany – on American culture, expat life, German culture/life, raising a TCK (Third Culture Kid), and other stuff that strikes my fancy.

It is Sunday, my normal blogging day of reflection – I’ll try to be back on a regular basis on Sundays to reflect on life and what not.

Merry happy time of year for reflection, of ourselves, our life’s accomplishments, our higher power, our futures…may it only be brighter for you!

Much love to you, dear reader, from my little corner of Germany with my little Germarican family.

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