“If you talk to Americans, they smell like freedom…”

Photo by Nout Gons on Pexels.com

Here is a funny video about what international students think about Americans that I would like to share with you for your enjoyment and reflection:

Stereotypes mentioned that I can agree with from the humorous video.

  • “They don’t carry around umbrellas when it is raining”, um no, especially not if you are from the Northwest!
  • “They, you know, really wanna get you drunk…and play drinking games.” Unfortunately, I remember my twenties, this is true.
  •  “They use bigger clothes.” Yes, unless you’re an American hipster, it seems like the standard is ‘baggy’, ‘relaxed fit’ for most men. Now, as a mother, I can understand wanting some room for my child to grow into his (or her) clothes, but as a wife and partner to men that grew up with this all I can say is there comes a time to embrace the figure you have. If you can pull off fitted trousers and other articles of clothing – do it! Make sure you are comfortable, but 14-year-old boys who still have their mother buy their clothes wear the “baggy” style, oh – and many professional athletes. If that’s not you, it is time to rethink the wardrobe.
  • “They wear the same thing to bed that they do to class.” Look, I understand comfort is lining. I wore yoga pants for three years basically when I was pregnant and after my son was born. Believe me, I get it! This doesn’t mean it is necessarily good to do all the time. Mind you, I am frequently saddened in Germany that it is not acceptable to wear ones pajamas out to buy bread or other necessary breakfast bits first thing in the morning. Sometimes that seems kind of unfair.
  • – “Americans talk to loud.” You know,I’m not sure why we do this, but put me in a room with old friends and the volume of my voice and the speed at which I speak will increase exponentially. I will even admit it is rather amazing too. Try as I might to not participate, it seems as if I must, at a molecular level. It’s just in my blood to end up loud when I am with other Americans, unfortunately – in spite of my best efforts to do otherwise.

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