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Photo by Fernando Arcos on Pexels.com

I have been writing new content, but just as importantly, I have been going back through old posts and deleting dead links or images and attempting to clean up the content a bit without really changing the messages.

I have considered deleting some content as well, but this has been my baby and I have kept it all these years without posting much simply for that reason. It is my electronic baby.

It has grown as I have grown.

I took time off of writing and reflecting because I needed to find inner direction and focus, and (continue to) raise a non-electronic baby.

I have renewed passion and ideas to help give this e-baby more life (and content), but now the trick will be better balancing the demands of this baby, and what I want to shape it into with the demands of my non-electronic life, non-electronic baby, and non-electronic partner.

The tragedy that is this pandemic has a silver lining – being forced to pause and stay far away from most of the world has forced me to reflect on what is possible, probable, and where I want to go personally and professionally.

This e-baby is still alive and kicking and I have a lot more to say and to learn and share. It may not always be about life as an expat, but will definitely involve intercultural competency, and some politics, because that is who I am. This space, for me, has always been about processing information and experience, then sharing it with you.

Right now though, I keep getting distracted by cleaning up the content. I never realized I had so many posts (170 at the time of writing this).

I know not all of them are quality, but they are a point in time, a memory of a place I was in at that moment. I will probably have to delete some, as hard as that will be for me. Yet, it is necessary to shluff off some (literal and metaphorical) weight to move onto bigger better things, right?

So, words are formulating into greater thoughts, but they may come slowly because a) life, b) work, c) family, and d) cleaning up of the old.

Thank you for your patience and for either sticking around or finding me for the first time.

I appreciate that you are here.

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