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About this blog…

Writing this was born out of homesickness and personal crisis in our family. My husband and I lean on each other a lot here, being so far from the home we are used to and the language and people we have grown up with. During the second summer here, my husband was promoted and proceeded to work ALL THE TIME. Feeling a little lost and frustrated he kept trudging forward in spite of my (and others) suggestions that he take a step back, as he was not able to see the forest for the trees. This greatly affected our relationship, and many arguments ensued. A solution was for him to agree to work fewer hours and to write more. I can’t say if he has continued writing, but he definitely works less (thankfully). I decided that I should also take that suggestion to heart and write, especially since I now feel I am in a much better place reflectively to understand what is happening around me, to me, and because of me.

I’ve been blogging here since 2012, minus some time off to have a son and begin to get to know him, then some time off again to something else while Trump was the United States 45th president. I’ve been an expat since about 2009.  My blog may still change and shuffle around a bit in appearance and content, please just give me some advice if you don’t like the format. I welcome and appreciate it openly. For the moment it is about all things expaty, meaning living, working, raising a child, and so forth in another culture that at times seems like the exact opposite from the one I am from. Secondly, this website is also about culture in general, meaning my familiar American one and others that I am learning about. I may also dive into Intercultural Communication and English teaching from time to time too.

Some days the differences between my familiar culture and the one I now live in feel very different. Other days, I can barely tell a difference. Actually, having a child here makes this really feel like the circus to me.

If you read my blog and see an error, please feel free to bring it to my attention either in a comment or email. The point of this blog is for me to work through my thoughts on culture, family, and life and part of that means, at least at the moment, to remain relatively anonymous – so I happen to be the only one proofreading these posts to maintain the level of privacy and clarity in my opinion and thought (because they include people I know and love and might be unintentionally offended by my words). In other words, I am trying to maintain some standard here, but since my eyes are really the only ones to see the posts before they are published – it can be a challenge.

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