SPAM…and Other Awesome but Random Things on this day, 11.11.11

As a new blogger, I am aching for feedback from my readers about my blog. I love that I receive more viewers daily, which in itself means that I must be doing something right, but the comment spamming is just out of control. I am very thankful for the blogging spam blockers in place…

In the end, I would ultimately rather have fewer comments made of quality comments rather than a ton of  random BS. I’ve become my parents is onto something though, as he has realized that it is exactly this spam that will get him that book deal…just imagine the endorsements!!! Unfortunately now, I have deleted all of my award-winning spam comments, but if you would like to read some excellent contributions to a quality blog, you should look here:

I’ve Become My Parents

And on a side note, I am on twitter but, presently without a mobile device that has internet access and Germany locks their wi-fi like a father locks up his preteen princess once he has realized she is becoming a woman. Okay, I know that was a really horrible simile, it is Friday night and I should turn my brain off.

I promise to update my twitter as often as I can with blog posts, thoughts and random out of context quotes because, well I am a teacher and I hear them all day long!

Finally, because of the fabulous date, I would like to honor the date with a bit of love, one because it is Armistice Day (100 years ago WWI ended) AND because today does go all the way up to eleven!

More original content is on its way, I promise…but it is Friday and I do also have German homework to get to too.

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