Portland versus Occupy

By now you probably know that Occupy Wall Street (OWS) began on September 17th in New York City and all over the country Occupy camps are being evicted.There is currently a debate over the protestors right to remain in Zucotti Park. The police evicted them with force beginning at 1:20 AM on November 15th and lasting for hours, 2011 and you can read more about it from their perspective here. “You cannot evict an idea whose time has come.” is a popular quote one can now find in many of the posts that are being posted on their web page.

They go on to say that,

“Such a movement cannot be evicted. Some politicians may physically remove us from public spaces — our spaces — and, physically, they may succeed. But we are engaged in a battle over ideas. Our idea is that our political structures should serve us, the people — all of us, not just those who have amassed great wealth and power. We believe that is a highly popular idea, and that is why so many people have come so quickly to identify with Occupy Wall Street and the 99% movement.”

They have also just recently won an injunction that according to the Associated Press and the HuffingtonPost,  “The National Lawyers Guild says it has obtained a court order that allows Occupy Wall St. protesters to return with tents to a New York City park.” This comes after a very stressful night where protesters were apparently not allowed to leave with their belongings before police were called in to clean away all that the protesters had erected in the last two months. Among the 200 arrested were a journalist and a city council member among many others. There was even fear that their book collection containing over 5,000 books had been destroyed, Slate.com has just reported that the library is possibly being held at the Department of Sanitation (Update #12). Additionally, it seems many of the city council members have written and signed a letter against the actions of Mayor Bloomberg. Now, even as I type it looks as though another judge has upheld Mayor Bloomberg’s decision to kick protestors out of the park citing health and safety concerns.

My point here is not to rehash what will soon be old news, but rather to attempt to package in one place what I can make sense of what is happening in Portland, Oregon – and attempt to especially base this blog entry on primary source documents whenever I can find them. I might not be able to truly do it justice but, here goes…

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2 thoughts on “Portland versus Occupy

    1. A poll released on November 16 by Public Policy and Polling suggests that OWS is wearing thin for general voters, “Only 33% now say that they are supportive of its goals, compared to 45% who say they oppose them. That represents an 11 point shift in the wrong direction for the movement’s support compared to a month ago when 35% of voters said they supported it and 36% were opposed. Most notably independents have gone from supporting Occupy Wall Street’s goals 39/34, to opposing them 34/42 (Public Policy Polling, 16.11.11).” The press release goes on to say that the public is also tired of the Tea Party, with 45% opposed to their “general goals”.

      The press release does go on to discuss the public’s general distrust and dislike of congress and primarily all things government, so this makes me think, regardless of who the public thinks is ‘on top’ or ‘right’ these groups are helping expose (along with the politicians themselves) the corruption of the current way of business in the US (and around the world).

      Here is the press release which links to the raw data: http://www.publicpolicypolling.com/main/2011/11/occupy-wall-street-favor-fading.html

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