There is a multi-volume historical dictionary of American slang?!?!?!

I think I am in love…

Oh boy!!

I had no idea that there was such a thing as a multi-volume work titled, Random House Historical Dictionary Slang and that it is so dense it requires multiple volumes, oh boy!!! To quote Rachel Maddow, “It’s the best new thing in the world today.” Here, I am reblogging from the original source Portland Mercury‘s Blogtown, “Selections from My Random House Historical Dictionary of American Slang” written by the (lucky) Courtney Ferguson

My two favorite books in the world are Random House Historical Dictionary of American Slang, Volume I, A-G and Volume II, H-Oby J.E. Lighter. They are hideously expensive and ludicrously funny. I love them. And the world might not see the final volumes in print ever because of some royalty issues, plus they each cost $80, so y’know they cost a lot of money to print. So out of the kindness of my heart, I’d like to share my pricy educational smut with Blogtown. This week’s slang is brought to you by the letter “A.”

absquattle v. [shortening and alter. of absquatulate] to abscond or depart.
1842: “So Governor Dorr has run away again—fairly absquattled—sword and all.” 1848: “Let’s licker one more round and then absquattle.”

break out into assholes to become thoroughly terrified—used derisively—usu. considered vulgar.
1978: “But if we catch you again you better not run the same shit on us, cause if you do, we’ll make both your faces break out into assholes.” 1979: “Was he scared? Man, he broke out into assholes and shit himself to death.” 1982: Rock jargon for being real scared, real terrified.

avocados n pl. a woman’s breasts.
1932: “How’s that for a shape? Looka them avocados!”

Courtney Ferguson…I need more!!! Please, come on stop teasing!!!!

Oh man, I haven’t wanted a book so bad since Larousse Gastronomique!

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