Eat, Move, Learn…love!

In one of my last posts I mentioned my husbands and my struggle with our own version of the “freshman fifteen” – well, it is more my struggle now than his since he can just run a few miles a week and slims down like you wouldn’t believe. I am jealous of his ability to do this, since I must work so much harder, but he really does look great!

In my attempt to lose weight, I follow a few food, nutrition and fitness blogs and websites. One of them is The “If” Life with “Two Meal” Mike. I like it as a form of motivational support more than a diet model. I don’t really have a diet model other than trying to not overload my meals with meat. I often cook vegetarian meals, especially for dinner.  I also try to eat as many fruits and vegetables over other crap as often as possible. I think my downfall is the drinks. I love coffee and try to not drink too much and if I do I always try to balance it out with even more water, but I never think I drink enough.  I have another website I go to for fitness and daily exercise routines, which I might talk about in a later post, as it is awesome and in inspiring with  quick but effective workouts.

Mike recently posted a really great post to his site titled, “Eat Move Learn” which, as both a person who is trying to lose weight and who believes in learning and moving as a way to help people learn, I liked this blog post. Unfortunately, his website doesn’t offer a way to reblog so I will post a portion of it here and ask that you go over to his page and check out his website.

[STA Travel Australia‘s] message is “Eat, Move, Learn”, and here’s [Mikes’]  little additional thoughts on them.

Eat less, enjoy more. Eat meals. Don’t snack. Eat good real foods and natural flavors. Try local cuisines. Experiment cooking new recipes. Enjoy what you eat and the company you are with. Don’t make eating mindless (snacking), make it meaningful.

Move more. Move your body as exercise and be strong in your movements. Move in nature. The world is your gym. Move about, not just “travel”. Take time to really see where you are and experience nature/people/culture around you. Stop being in such a rush, life is not a race. You don’t have to travel the globe to be out among natural wonders around you.

Learn and try new things. Enjoy a hobby that you are passionate about. Try a new sport. Overcome your fears. Question everything you hear. Make life about purpose and become a curious student of the universe. There are so many things out there to explore. Most importantly learn that you only have the time that is right now, and get on with living in it!

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