Lost in Translation…

Lost in Translation...

I asked my husband to pick up my prescription (das Rezept) from the Apotheke (pharmacy/chemist) as he himself had to go to the doctor (das Ärtze) today. This is what he brought home.

In other news, I am having an international baby, which has been preoccupying my time (along with a ton of work) as of late…sorry I haven’t really been around much.

FYI: Retardtabletten apparently means “prolonged release tablets”

Lessons from a 90-year-old

Oh my!! I feel after reading this that I could change the whole plan of my blog, as if there truly is a plan and respond to each one of these little lessons. I just might to be honest with you, yet that might also take away from its ultimate truth. This is a brilliant list, hence why it has been re-blogged and has many “likes”. I think this is true no matter where you live or what you do (or don’t do). I found this by clicking through the blogging community, clicking through, discovering and reading others words and inspirations. Once again I find reason to love this place, the blogsphere. It has so much to share!!

The dimensions of culture learning and how they affect us abroad

While talking about culture shock, I think it is also important to address the dimensions of culture learning, as we all also go through these as we travel and learn about other places, cultures and people and as we learn about ourselves through this process. Depending on how well we deal with and understand the dimensions of culture learning may allow us to better navigate culture shock. In Cultural Awareness, a book by Tomalin & Stempleski, there are five dimensions of culture learning and they look a little like this:

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Culture Shock

I have thought a lot about things I miss from home. A colleague of mine at the university, who has lived in Germany for some time between fifteen and twenty years has said that you forget what you miss after a while. I imagine it is all aspects of one’s own personal journey with culture and culture shock, since it is a process after all.

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