Misunderstandings in communication

I think what many situations like this show, is not how the speaker mispronouncing the words is unable to speak properly in the target language, but rather how the listener is unable to understand and thus shows their lack of international exposure.

A place to get away…

I know I don’t normally discuss the touristy stuff here on Living the American Dream in Europe, but it is at times a part of the experience, just like being silly and obsessed with things from my home culture, so here we are. Over the weekend my husband had a birthday and to counter theContinue reading “A place to get away…”

“[insert your country/continent here]…is like a trap.”

In the November 2011 issue of Delano magazine (Luxembourg), writer Aaron Grunwald, interviewed Eleonora, a Brazilian expat who has lived in Luxembourg for the past eighteen years. One of her first comments in the interview was that “Luxembourg is like a trap, a gilded cage. The moment you come, you always think, ‘I’m going toContinue reading ““[insert your country/continent here]…is like a trap.””

Ten things Americans do to save money..

I subscribe to many blogs and newsletters. One in particular I often find very interesting, partially because it is from Tawra Kellum & Jill (last name unknown) at  Livingonadime who also publishes: a newsletter, blog and e-books (which they do have physical copies they can mail to you [in the USA]) called Living on aContinue reading “Ten things Americans do to save money..”