A six word story about ME

[°This is prompt 6 in the #virtualcampfire2021 November writing series hosted by @chameleon_coaching & @southboundstories.

Image created by ME @livingtheamericandreamineurope

“I’m a verbose, life-improvement in process.”


If you have seen my other posts you know by now that I have a lot to say. We all know that it is your choice to read any or all of it if you want.

For those of you that do read it all, I appreciate you deeply.

For those of you who don’t read all the way to the end, I get it. TL;DR! It’s okay.

When I put something out in the world, I attempt to be as honest & respectful as I possibly can be, to myself, to those involved with the content, and to you, my audience. Sometimes I may miss the mark, unintentionally. When I mess up, I will always try to fess up. I am an evolving work in progress, what else can I do?

As I said in prompt One “This is me”. You are under no obligation to take it as it is. Know though that I change for me, to hopefully impact the greater good. Not to fit your ideas of what I should be.

Oh, & I am here to support others, especially women but not exclusively, to be the best they can be, whatever that means for them.

What other possible ideas did I have when thinking of ‘My Six-Word Story’?

“One year I said, but then…”

“Woman, man, cat, & a lil’ boy“

“Curious, spirited-woman figuring it out internationally.”

“Creative, curious, interested in culture: Christina”

Over to You

Which is your favorite? Could you think of a better one for me? What would your 6-word story be? Tell me in the comments.

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