A love of simple things

Did you know I have an instagram page?

I do. It’s @amidreameu.

I had created USdreamEU but then I lost access to the account. I don’t remember why.

At any rate, I post about all things related to coffee and culture.

Did you know that just about everything can relate to those two things, especially the latter?

It’s true. We often don’t realize our own culture‘s impact on us until we’re out of that environment, much like a fish out of water.

Culture is also a fishbowl.

Hence the saying.

I used to go to the gym. That was fantastic. I was in great shape and I was also sleeping incredibly well in spite of my ‘odd’ hours.

Sometimes I cannot sleep. so, I create content for my Instagram page. Creating visuals is easy, it’s the copy for the visuals that often requires more forethought than I’m capable of offering between the hours of one to five am.

Weights are a great stress reliever.

However, this pandemic is sticking around…so going to the gym is currently a little complicated.

You’d think maybe since I love coffee so much, that would explain why my sleep has been so disrupted. Maybe.

It’s so delicious…

That said, I usually have one regular coffee a day. Normally I stick to the decaf (blasphemous, I know, but true).

So, here we are. I don’t think that is the culprit. I did try to make an appointment with my doctor yesterday but he was off sick. I’ll try again later today.

I’d like to present some recent designs I created, honoring my love for coffee.

Enjoy & share but please attribute to me.

Thank you.

Which image above do you like best?

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