Lost in Translation…

Lost in Translation...

I asked my husband to pick up my prescription (das Rezept) from the Apotheke (pharmacy/chemist) as he himself had to go to the doctor (das Ärtze) today. This is what he brought home.

In other news, I am having an international baby, which has been preoccupying my time (along with a ton of work) as of late…sorry I haven’t really been around much.

FYI: Retardtabletten apparently means “prolonged release tablets”

7 Gestures to Avoid…

It is just too hot to go outside right now, and so here I am next to the fan inside our apartment perusing YouTube for interesting videos about American Culture. Here is one I found about hand gestures, seven specific one that Americans use frequently, but that would NOT fly in some other countries around the world: Continue reading

What Americans notice about Germans…(part 4 of 4)

Here is the final segment of what Americans notice about Germans, which was first published in die Zeit in 2002: Was Amerikanern an Deutschen auffällt,  oder Fünfzig Wege die Amerikaner gewinnen den Deutschen Aufmerksamkeit (50 ways the Americans attract Germans attention). You can read part 1 here (numbers 1 – 10) and part 2 here (numbers 11 – 26), and part 3 here (numbers 27 – 33).

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