The little things

This is prompt 2, from the #virtualcampfire2021 from Instagram (@AmidreamEU), begun by Christina Kapaun @southboundstories  and Annyka Overton @chameleoncoaching as a series of writing prompts for ex-pats to share over the course of November.

🤔I had to sit on this question for a minute as the answer has evolved over time.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 In the beginning it *was* food, like my mother’s Chile Rellenos. Then, it was people & activities, like going to the hardware store with my dad, going anywhere to buy anything on a Sunday.

👯‍♀️Now, however, it’s the people. Breakfast with my parents, learning about victories, or overcoming defeats with my college girlfriends. Beers in a beautiful, huge chalice with my besties. Christmas Bingo with my family. Road trip weekends to the Oregon coast.

✈️It’s these long-distance relationships that are tricky. Some are lost over time, some are given their own separate life because of social media interpretations, & then a few are always there like the last chat was simply Tuesday, not 5 months ago.

🏡In the end isn’t it the people who either make or break a place anyway, really…then the food in that place?!

🌊The short answer is friends, family, and the Oregon Coast.

Over to You

What are the little things that really make up the big things in your life?

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