Groundhog Day

I know I am publishing this well past February 2nd, but still think it is culturally relevant, especially in 2022…

During the pandemic, at least in the English-speaking western world “Groundhog Day” the popular 1993 film became a shorthand joke for how we’re all supposed to get out of this Corona wave loop.

Do you know what this day means in North American culture?!

Well, look at the following watch a short video or the images that follow to learn more about this day in North America.

Video created by ME.

Here is the 1993 trailer for the American cult classic film.

Do you know how the film ended? Do you know how Bill Murray’s character stopped having to live like every day was ‘Groundhog Day’?

I have read some pretty great analyses of what this film really means or stands for. My favorites are in this Mentalfloss article by Jennifer M Wood from 2019. As I love exploring self-help, the idea that the film is a ‘self-help bible’ is somewhat interesting. Is there more to this 90s film than pure entertainment?

When it was released, the point of the film was that its main character was a self-involved jerk, which serves no one, not even the person who is ultimately self-involved. So, Murray’s character becomes stuck on February 2 reliving the day ad nauseam until he learns there is more to life than he himself and his interests or whims. He has to evolve or continue being stuck.

Do you see how this became an allegory for the Corona pandemic?

Also, if you like this type of film American Actor Andy Samberg starred in a modern retelling of this situation, albeit sans February 2nd, in 2020s “Palm Springs”.

Over to you

Have you seen either one of these films? What do you think is the message behind the original film? Is there a greater meaning beyond that which we can see from a face-value viewing of Groundhog Day or Palm Springs? Do you think the two films’ modern connection to the Corona Pandemic is appropriate or warranted, why or why not?

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