If you could go back in time, would you?

A question to ponder…

One of the aspects I love about being a language teacher is the flexibility I have in my job.

With some of my clients, the content and delivery is very structured. With others, depending on their available time and interest we watch television programs, films, read books, or current news independently and these discuss when we meet up.

As it is the end of the year, my client today had been reflecting a lot on 2022, as we do. They posited this question, among others.

I loved the conversation it fostered.

My client’s reply was that they would be interested to go back in time to modify an event to see what effect on the present it might have.

As an adult I haven’t said this in a long time…“If I could go back in time…“ because I’ve honestly attempted to live my life appreciating where I’m at and how I got here.

Does that mean that sometimes I put my foot in my mouth or step in it (meaning to say things I wish I hadn’t or to act in ways that later I wish I hadn’t) – Oh buddy, yes.

But that also means that to the best of my ability I’m honest about those errs (mistakes) and attempt to improve my interactions, actions, and reactions in the future.

We can’t change the past but how we approach the present can shape the future. That’s what I like to focus on.

What would you do? If you could go back in time, would you? What would you do? How would you use that time?

How do you approach this time of year – are you reflective, do you make resolutions,…? Tell me in the comments

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