I often feel like this since I started blogging. This is a funny thing. When I started blogging, it was to have release and to find purpose, or rather to direct my purpose in a more focused way. For the past six months I have writing my blog and am constantly amazed and interested in what people respond to, frequently feeling similarly to ‘Sweetmother’ here! The more I write and the more I read both online and in books, the more I realize falls under the point of my blog. The more I read online, the more I want to write. The more I dive deeper into my adopted culture, the more I want to write. I love this new (to me) world, I love to see how it is evolving and how I evolve because of it too.

Sweet Mother

The below is a list of what happens in my brain for the next 31 minutes after I hit “publish” each and everyday.  Note:  I only have about 1 original thought per minute, the other thoughts within that minute are variations of the original-thesis thought for that correpsonding minute.


Min 1:  “Did my post suck today?  It’s been a minute and there is only one “like”.  Maybe it sucked.”


Min 2:  “It’s Sunday, people don’t read very many blogs on Sunday, that’s a low-views day according to my stats.”


Min 3:  “Oh, wait, it’s Monday.  Okay, that is also a low-views day – so is Tuesday and Wednesday and hold on…”


Min 4:  “I should’ve written about my Mom.  People like it when I write about my Mom or my Wifesy.”


Min 5:  “I don’t think I should’ve capitalized Mom in that last minute…

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