This blog is a perfect accompaniment to my previous blog that was also a ‘reblog’. I think that I am finding so many blogs that are saying better what I could have attempted to say myself is proof of Spring in the air.
This is what blogging does for me, although I am clearly perfecting these points for myself. I am truly amazed at the community and quality of work I find day in and day out though online. It inspires me to continue to grow and clarify my own voice.

I started this blog because I needed help to sort through my own thoughts and feelings. As of this moment, not all of my friends or family know I am blogging because it was never for them specifically. It was for me and the world at large. Being so far from the support that I was used to was hard. Being newly married and trying to figure all of this out also didn’t necessarily help either, so blogging has helped me connect with people far and wide that help me to see my world differently. It also helps me process my identity as an American. I never before had to really question what I am first, a sister, friend, daughter, wife, teacher, Oregonian, Northwesterner, Portlander, part of a community…at what part does my culture come into play here and contemplate that at such a fundamental level that it can be so easily taken for granted. Thing is, I never thought much about that for any real period of time before I left, now it is a constant part of my life, even if no one is talking about it.

I am thankful others are out there, speaking their truth, their hearts and their heads because they are helping me to do the same! I might read something on another blog one day and then see it played out in its own way in my life and because someone else admitted to observing this situation in their life one way, I have more desire to share my experience with it. Not to mention the desire to share with the world the crazy stuff I see being a stranger in a new land or to share how I am beginning to understand my culture through my language and culture students.

When very little seemed to be going right in my day or very little seemed constant, I knew I had my blog and Sunday was blogging day. It was something really great to look forward to and it gave me a great sense of accomplishment and perseverance. The feedback I receive through my blog, or don’t receive at times, is just amazing and helps fuel my desire to become a better writer and just simply continue. Seeing what people “like” or respond to in my blog helps me feel more connected to people all over the world that either have gone through something similar or are perhaps about to. These people I would likely not meet on my own in the town that I live in. In spite of my former self I am not such the social butterfly I used to be. I blame that on my learning the language. It is nice to know I am not alone. Finally, dear God I hope this process makes me a better writer along the way too!

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I live in Europe, I am from America.

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