Bad lip reading

Have you heard of this website: Bad Lip Reading? Well, overall it is awesome. Sometimes they don’t entirely hit the mark, but generally if they miss they don’t miss by much. They also make fun of many aspects of popular culture, like politics (the presidential election is coming up, by the way) and music. What makes the popular site even better is that they have only been around for a couple of months, since October of 2011 I believe.

Well, they recently created a bad lip-reading video based on my current favorite obsession, Gotye’s “Somebody I used to know” (2011).

What is brilliant about this video is that it is catchy, like the original and hilarious with a good beat. I want to dance to it every time I hear it, while I just want to sing the other song at the top of my lungs over and over. I do wish though that they had all the subtitles to this version.

I dare you to not sing the lyrics or even just the chorus. I dare you…



What do you think about the “Bad Lip Reading” adaptation of this song? Do you like it or do you hate it? I will admit I was in love by the end of the song, in fact singing it to my husband in bed the night that I first heard it!

And here are some sweet covers from musicians with wicked voices…your welcome!

A capella anyone…

Kinda nice to know that I am not the only one obsessed.

Also, I promise to get back to writing and reflecting on culture and not just pop culture…very, very soon <3!

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5 thoughts on “Bad lip reading

  1. I like the acapella but I don’t see the point to bad lip syncing unless your playing the game.

    1. Oh me, oh my I love those. They haven’t put out a new literal video in a while, perhaps because most of those are from the 80’s and since then videos have just gotten better????? No, the 80’s broke the mold didn’t it. That’s it!

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