With new eyes…

I know I’ve been a horrible blogger as of late and I apologize. I have been busy grading and organizing for next semester while also trying to plan vacations and play host to out-of-towners. I do appreciate that you are sticking with me and waiting it out.

With this post, I would like to draw your attention to a friend of mine, Jan from Belgium, who is visiting my beloved hometown for the first time in his life with his wickedly awesome partner. He maintains a kick ass football blog called Football Tourette and you should check it out. In fact, he just went to his first Portland Timbers MLS (Major League Soccer) game in Portland and I would now like to direct your attention to it. It isn’t just because he is my friend, or that he is Belgian, or that he is in Portland and because Portland is like a cult – I will always love it, or that he likes soccer/football, or that he is dating my friend either – it’s because of all of these things and I like his writing style even though I am not all that into sports, except as the occasional spectator.

I also love the idea of seeing Portland from a different perspective, with a different set of eyes, especially after hearing about the darned place for two years!!

Please click, read and like and/or comment: My MLS Experience, Part 1: Party in Portland

I will be back soon, I promise!!

Jeezus, this really makes me want both Portland microbrews and Belgian treats…well, color me thirsty!

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