Don’t hate me…

Dear readers, I am sorry I have been AWOL of late.

But it is Sunday, and Sundays are traditionally for blogging (and for my husband wearing his kilt, which he is!)

This means all is right in the world.


Castle Pyrmont

Plus the sun has been out. Oh boy, has it been!

Swiss Skies

This summer really hasn’t been like the last. Our friend always wishes for a sweltering August and I am afraid – okay, not really afraid he might have gotten what he asked for.

Plus, I finally got a bike!! Yippy, I love riding bikes!

In other news, I will be participating in an intensive German language course beginning at the end of this next week and think it will accompany nicely the new book, among many, that I recently acquired:

German Quickly, by April Wilson

My German is pretty poor, in spite of living here now for three years. In fact, I think what German I can speak is only good because I have lived here for three years. This doesn’t mean I can understand the grammar of the language, much like in spite of the fact that I am now an English language teacher it is still a challenge for me to explain the precise nuts and bolts of my very own language – I have books to help me with that!

So far this book is presented in a very simple and straightforward way with tips and vocabulary with every chapter (I’m so far only 3 1/2 chapters in). It is really easy to read and the author offers little quizzes for the reader at the end of every chapter (along with the vocabulary used in that chapter).

DaF (Deutsch als Fremdsprache) will pretty much be life for the next three and a half weeks as I work my tail off to move beyond the low-level A2 (European Framework) German language proficiency. As I have surely mentioned before, my goal is two-fold, to have conversations (with German grannies) and to obtain  more permanent employment/begin a formal Ph.D.

I am taking this course as a means to an end, and because my husband and I are not returning to visit the United States this summer as originally planned. It just ended up being far too expensive once again for a relatively short amount of time.

I will do my best to check in regularly as I have before my most recent stint of “falling of a cliff” or going AWOL as I have done recently. I am still working on a few posts  so I hope that much will soon be posted.

Dear reader, I hope you are staying cool and healthy in the heat that is covering much of the western world.

I promise to write more as an escape from the German!



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