7 Gestures to Avoid…

It is just too hot to go outside right now, and so here I am next to the fan inside our apartment perusing YouTube for interesting videos about American Culture. Here is one I found about hand gestures, seven specific one that Americans use frequently, but that would NOT fly in some other countries around the world:

The video was created by Pimsleur Approach who also helps with language learning. I have learned that for some here in Germany the “OK” gesture is unacceptable. While it isn’t just in the Philippines where the “come here” gesture is unacceptable. I also know it is unacceptable in South Korea too, although you wouldn’t get jail time if you made the gesture to another person, you would just be incredibly insulting!!

I suppose these are just the most common, but do you think they missed one or two (or more)? Please add your thoughts and contributions to this short list in the comments.

For more about the Pimsleur Approach to language learning and this “Hand Jive”, go here …and here for a short review of a friend of mine who has tried it.

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