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A friend posted this to my Facebook wall and I must say that it struck a chord with my intercultural being and learning self. It may be considered a bit extreme, but there is much truth to it and it speak not only to that interculturalist in me, but the historian as well. How many wars were waged on territory, space and ideology (all of them).

I give credit here to where I found the image, not to where it originated (in other words I claim fair use here, with love).

Jiddu Krishnamurti was born in southern India on May 11, 1895. He and his brother were adopted by a young Theosophist who proclaimed that he was destined to lead an international Theosophistical society as a world leader which the Theosophist had predicted. In 1929 however, he renounced his title, dissolving the “Order of the Star in the East” returning all of the money and goods which had been donated to it. He then spent the rest of his days writing and speaking to people around the world about shifting how humankind sees itself and its role in the world. He refused to be tied to any religion, specific philosophy or country, instead speaking to people and writing about our everyday lives like living in modern society, violence, basic needs, and the inner fears we all carry with us to varying degrees (fear, doubt, anger, and sorrow. He advocated dealing with these issues by meditating and striving for a deeper spiritual understanding of ourselves as individuals and collectively as humankind. He lived this way until his death on February 17, 1986 (paraphrase based on his biography).

Say what you will about the man who said the quote, either good or bad, but really try to think about what he really said and really meant here rather than bashing his life. These days it isn’t the easiest feat!


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