Politics and Persecution

Since it is election season, I cannot get enough of John Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

I especially like Stewart for calling out, sometimes not even ironically, the BS he and his team hear from both sides of the political spectrum, calling a farce a farce! As polarized or otherwise soft as the ‘news’ has become, it is refreshing!

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been on something of an existentialist and spiritualist kick lately, believing that we must live in the world as we want it to be, being true to ourselves and those around us. It may be idealistic, yes, but considering how many of my friends and family are having babies lately, it is hard not to ponder their future and the life we will one day leave behind. Especially or even more so since it is presidential election season in the United States.

This time of year enrages some, disconnects others, fires other up and inspires other still. Political ads on television, endorsed by the candidates or not do not inform voters. It is my opinion that it simply turns them off, turns them against someone they were already for or turns them further toward someone they were already going to vote for. Additionally, debates don’t necessarily help. Yes, I know there was one Wednesday night, but I have yet to watch it. I have plans to play BINGO while watching it however and yes, I mean that with total sincerity.

I saw a clip on the internet the other day that I feel really sums up well how one side of the media and political spectrum has spun their web so tightly. Unfortunately, it has been a challenge attempting to find the original clip of Stewart actually saying this, and I did look! All I could find out (but not conclusively) was that Stewart said this to Mike Huckabee:

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