The best thing in the world today…

And I am not even kidding!

This is great! Apparently it is complete and utter gibberish made to sound like English…

Can you make out any of the words? I just heard, “Alright”  but that is the only word out of the entire song I understood.

“What American English sounds like to non-native English speakers”:

“Prisecolinensinenciousol, a parody by Adriano Celentano for the Italian TV programme Mileluci is sung entirely in gibberish designed to sound like American English.

If you’ve ever wondered what other people think Americans sound like, this is it.”


While I don’t understand it, it totally makes me want to dance!


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I live in Europe, I am from America.

2 thoughts on “The best thing in the world today…

  1. Amazing! It reminds me of the time I was singing this German song for my final exam (when I was a music major). I forgot a bunch of te words and just continued making sounds that kinda sounded German. Und aus deim leiben, morgen schaumen slaaten, ein rich stein vlouen!
    I didn’t fool the jury…

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