Oh, Germany – adventures in German culinary delights

Germans seem to be fond of putting meats (and vegetables, too) in a sort of jelly form called Aspik, which derives from French, aspic.

aspic |ˈaspik|
a savory jelly, often made with meat stock, used as a garnish, or to contain pieces of food such as meat, seafood, or eggs, set in a mold.
ORIGIN late 18th cent.: from French, literally ‘asp,’ from the colors of the jelly as compared with those of the snake.

I have yet to be adventurous enough to try these types of “meats”. I imagine I will try to avoid these foods for as long as possible since they remind me of the cat food I feed my cat in the morning. I imagine it is something perhaps my grandparents back home, or if I had German grandparents, would eat. Whenever I am at the market I never actually see people buying these types of meats, they are always on sale though.

Here are two examples of their variety from the most recent Ratio weekly circular (local big box store offering food, electronics and other goods):

Frankfurters (hot dog like meat) in aspic, for 1.29 Euro per 100 gram!

Mixed vegetables in aspic, for .99 Euros per 100 grams!

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