For all my British friends…

I am discovering that I am in love with Buzzfeed, seriously! Take this post for example: “21 Brilliant British People Problems“… if you yourself know a Brit, I surmise you understand!

Click here to see the list of awesome British-ness.

Update: I missed this list of clips the first time around: “10 Reason’s British Comedy is Better than American Comedy“.

And if you don’t believe me that Buzzfeed has a collection of some pretty sweet collected content, you should see this list here and try NOT to laugh!

A little culturally different.

The other weekend, my husband and I went on a date to hear one of my students bands play at the local pub. It was really good to hear some music played by talented people and as an added bonus the music was all in English (yes!). Our date night likely coincided with many other people’s ‘date night’ as the pub was rather busy.

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