Another shoutout for PDX (and Deutschland simultaneously)

This too will be a short post, shorter than the one from yesterday. I have found a new love…

I tell you what, this blogging this has opened me up to many other bloggers and well this post is about my most recent find. I should call them blog crushes. Yes, I have a new blog crush:

Oh God, My Wife is German

I thought my live was incomplete after reading the Bloggess but now, I really just am – just, I don’t even know. They make me laugh and they make me want to write, AWESOME!

As I was reading  his most recent post, on scratchy towels, I literally snorted and that is highly uncommon for me, seriously. Why are towels so funny? Because they are German scratchy towels. Having a drying is all too often seen as a waste of electricity and Germany being so green, they can’t have that one bit!! So their towels are scratchy. It’s true. Every word of it.

Plus, what makes this blogger doubly great is that he is from Portland and his wife is German. He has the best of both worlds and as you can read on his blog, it makes for some seriously funny writing!!!

Finding other bloggers who are fun to read it makes me want to write more…and more…and more. We created daylight savings time, can we also create time in the day for writing and reading specifically for fun and personal enjoyment please. Why must one always make a choice, work or fun? And I think my work is fun.

So, now this blog was short on purpose so you could go read Oh God, My Wife is German…so go do it already!

PS: Thanks for all the hits yesterday people, even if you were all spammers or my students (oh shit, I’ve been found out) the ego boost was nice. ❤

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