My Experience with Obamacare: A Freelancer in Texas Applies for Health Insurance

This graphic journalism piece is thanks to Jen Sorensen, who is a nationally-syndicated political cartoonist whose work has appeared in many publications and on countless more websites.

Double Take ‘Toons: Signup Special Part 1 : NPR.

I’ve decided to reblog Sorensen’s work because health care is something I would really like to talk about and, in fact, have been slowly working on at least one blog post regarding my comparing my personal experience in the United States to the one I have had/am having in Europe. There is a big difference to say the least!!

The only problem is that I am not entirely too familiar with the Affordable Care Act, or as it is more widely known by its nickname, which was supposed to originally be a dig on the POTUS and the idea of nationalized health care in the US: “Obamacare”. I can tell you how it was, for me, while I was living in the US and how it is for me now, as I live in Germany, but I can’t really say much about the new health care system.

I can say that just as Jen Sorensen rightly points out in this political comic, I can see fear-mongering from miles away and call it the bull that it is. And in my case it is a couple hundred miles away, from Europe! From what little I do know about “Obamacare” it isn’t perfect but it is creating a better system than the one we (the USA) previously had, and Sorensen’s story here is a prime example of that improvement!

Apparently NPR (National Public Radio) will be making this a mini series with more posts to come so, you should check their Double Take Cartoons in the days to come to see what other experiences they showcase.

Finally, if you are American and have signed up for the Affordable Care Act either through an insurance agent, exchange website or another way if it is possible, what has your experience been thus far? Thanks in advance for sharing in the comments!

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