Sometimes English just doesn’t make sense, v.2

I think I need to subscribe to DJ Flula’s YouTube channel because most of his video’s that I’ve seen are pretty fun (and funny)! I’ve written, or rather shown his videos before in my previous post, “Sometimes English just doesn’t make sense” and well as I am learning more and more of the German, sometimes it doesn’t either – yet that is besides the point of this post and I don’t want to digress from my all important point.

Here is more proof for you that to some English language learners, English just doesn’t make sense. Example number 2: The Bees Knees, No Thank You.

DJ Flula seems to do some of his most insightful work with the English language in the early morning as is evident by the time stamp he adds to many of his video posts (at least those that I have shared on this blog). I imagine that if one wanted to learn to imitate a standard German learning/using English his video posts might be a great opportunity to learn about many of the standard mistakes German learners make with grammar, pronunciation, and interference.

Before you watch the video, I’d like to share my favorite language used by DJ Flula’s language from the video, please add your favorites in the comments (if you’d like):

  • “sticksy”
  • “baby gravy” (so, visually wrong!)
  • “bowel moving area” (sounds troubling to me!)

Enjoy, and your welcome:

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2 thoughts on “Sometimes English just doesn’t make sense, v.2

  1. Fun post. Never heard of the “bowel moving arena.” I makes me think of some sort of sporting event. FYI, I think you want the word “inference” where you have interference.

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