New Books…

Having recently returned from an extensive adventure in the northwest United States that inevitably meant a trip to the always amazing Powell’s bookstore in Portland, I was careful to only return to Germany with about 20 lbs of books. I got off light. Oh, the restraint I showed!! Continue reading “New Books…”

Wrapping up a no-spend month

I don’t know what I was thinking when I first decided that my family would do this. Perhaps I was simply thinking that we would save money and clean out the cupboards. Well, it turned out to be so much more than that!

First, I became a bit ill after the new year. This meant that for about a week I did not want to eat much or cook for that matter. Then, our projector fan died leaving us with no family television time. This latter point is not all bad. I think I’ve mentioned before that our home is like the ‘American Sector’ from Checkpoint  Charlie.


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“If you talk to Americans, they smell like freedom…”

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Here is a funny video about what international students think about Americans that I would like to share with you for your enjoyment and reflection:

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MultiCOOLty interview

I’m coming out…

In defense of my use of rainbows, I friggin’ LOVE them and the ocean. Photo by Ben Mack on
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My Experience with Obamacare: A Freelancer in Texas Applies for Health Insurance

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