Feeling inspired

Today, I would like to honor another blog I follow, among the many. This one is by Safa Sofia. She is an exchange instructor at Universität Trier and has been writing about her experience thus far. In her most recent post she is apologetic about not posting to her friends and family in a while,Continue reading “Feeling inspired”

What to expect when your an expat…

Really, you should expect anything and be open to as much as you can. Being an expat is sometimes tough, very tough and sometimes seems completely normal and common, especially since the majority of people you will either come to know are natives or expats themselves.

“[insert your country/continent here]…is like a trap.”

In the November 2011 issue of Delano magazine (Luxembourg), writer Aaron Grunwald, interviewed Eleonora, a Brazilian expat who has lived in Luxembourg for the past eighteen years. One of her first comments in the interview was that “Luxembourg is like a trap, a gilded cage. The moment you come, you always think, ‘I’m going toContinue reading ““[insert your country/continent here]…is like a trap.””

Shit people Say….

This is pretty popular right now, “Shit people say…”, and I would like to bring two to your attention that my husband and I found when looking for the video about “Shit people say in Portland” (which I will post separately). I would like to begin this post with a video of “Shit People Say…toContinue reading “Shit people Say….”