On my mind…

It is Saturday night, it’s not even eleven and my husband is asleep on the couch. He always seems to fall asleep on the couch whether he has had a few and it is 3am or if we just had a fabulous homemade Korean Bulgogi dinner with friends. Is it my husband or is it the couch?  We do joke that it is the ‘comfort den’ and some lesser appropriate names that I shall not repeat, because it fully welcomes and encourages relaxation.

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A little culturally different.

The other weekend, my husband and I went on a date to hear one of my students bands play at the local pub. It was really good to hear some music played by talented people and as an added bonus the music was all in English (yes!). Our date night likely coincided with many other people’s ‘date night’ as the pub was rather busy.

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Lists…(or things to do in Portland when your dead)…

This post could also be called…

“Things we miss from Portland” or “Ode to Portland”

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International Game Night

I just thought it was awesome and a little funny that our friends got together this weekend to play a board game that my husband ABSOLUTELY LOVES called Last Night on Earth. My Husband and I have a thing for zombies…

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The dimensions of culture learning and how they affect us abroad

Photo by Gotta Be Worth It on Pexels.com

While talking about culture shock, I think it is also important to address the dimensions of culture learning, as we all also go through these as we travel and learn about other places, cultures and people and as we learn about ourselves through this process. Depending on how well we deal with and understand the dimensions of culture learning may allow us to better navigate culture shock. In Cultural Awareness, a book by Tomalin & Stempleski, there are five dimensions of culture learning and they look a little like this:

The Dimensions of Culture Learning include:

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Culture Shock

I have thought a lot about things I miss from home. A colleague of mine at the university, who has lived in Germany for some time between fifteen and twenty years has said that you forget what you miss after a while. I imagine it is all aspects of one’s own personal journey with culture and culture shock, since it is a process after all.

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“So, you want to move to Europe?”

Cracked.com recently published a piece by C. Corville entitled, “Six Reasons Your Plan to Move Abroad Might Not Work Out“(15.08.11). I brought this up in a previous post and would like to continue discussing it here (along with culture shock). To summarize what C. Corville discusses in the piece, because the author does generalize, the basic six reasons are:

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I am an American…

Yup, that’s me, an American, born and bread in Cascadia to Rebulican consumerist parents (who are really awesome and quite generally frugal). I grew up feeling quite liberal, and despite all that my father has said, that people (Americans) become traditionally more conservative as they get older, I still (so far) have remained rather liberal. I don’t like to align myself with either party, that being said when Bush Jr was running the first time, I declared myself a Dem (Democrat). I think, however, that the Republicans are religiously self-righteous bullies and the left seem to be meek little geeks waiting to get their lunch money stolen by the right. It is frustrating to see from afar and I can see why so many of my friends, colleagues and neighbors from back there have a tendency to ignore it. As I explained in my first post, with age comes more and more responsibility and what seems like at times, a more restrictive way of handling all that responsibility, perhaps that is just me though in the mental/physical space I am currently in.

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