Ten things Americans do to save money..

I subscribe to many blogs and newsletters. One in particular I often find very interesting, partially because it is from Tawra Kellum & Jill (last name unknown) at  Livingonadime who also publishes: a newsletter, blog and e-books (which they do have physical copies they can mail to you [in the USA]) called Living on aContinue reading “Ten things Americans do to save money..”

Shit people Say….

This is pretty popular right now, “Shit people say…”, and I would like to bring two to your attention that my husband and I found when looking for the video about “Shit people say in Portland” (which I will post separately). I would like to begin this post with a video of “Shit People Say…toContinue reading “Shit people Say….”

How Americans See Americans…

For the simple fact that I talk a lot about living in Europe and what Americans think of Germans or other Europeans, I think it only fair to bust out a lighthearted, “This is what America thinks of itself” piece. Ultimately, I am working toward a much more academic and critical look at this forContinue reading “How Americans See Americans…”

Cars Kill Cities…Yes They Do

I just read a blog, with the same name, by Progressive Transit, in California.I admit I stole the name, but it is a good one, and a good blog post too. Here, I would like to just put my own spin on it…

Sometimes English just doesn’t make sense…

I am sure that by now many of you have seen this text about why English can be hard to learn. If you haven’t the list is below followed by a special treat as an example why it is important to understand idioms, like this: