7 Gestures to Avoid…

It is just too hot to go outside right now, and so here I am next to the fan inside our apartment perusing YouTube for interesting videos about American Culture. Here is one I found about hand gestures, seven specific one that Americans use frequently, but that would NOT fly in some other countries around the world: Continue reading

What Americans notice about Germans…(part 4 of 4)

Here is the final segment of what Americans notice about Germans, which was first published in die Zeit in 2002: Was Amerikanern an Deutschen auffällt,  oder Fünfzig Wege die Amerikaner gewinnen den Deutschen Aufmerksamkeit (50 ways the Americans attract Germans attention). You can read part 1 here (numbers 1 – 10) and part 2 here (numbers 11 – 26), and part 3 here (numbers 27 – 33).

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Impromptu Interview with Taita | Yaffaweya

This is just too neat to not share. I went to college with this amazing woman (the blogger) and knew her through the local university government. She is intelligent, worldly and very down to earth… you should read her blog, not just this post.

Impromptu Interview with Taita | Yaffaweya.