A German New Year…

This post may seem a bit late, not coming before New Year’s Eve, but in my opinion it is better this way, since I now have three Silvester’s under my belt, I feel I have better authority to speak about such matters. Plus, I was on vacation – when am I not really?! No, kidding aside, I have thoroughly enjoyed sleeping in and staying up late and wonder how I will ever be able to go back to work – tomorrow.

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What Americans notice about Germans…(part 4 of 4)

Here is the final segment of what Americans notice about Germans, which was first published in die Zeit in 2002: Was Amerikanern an Deutschen auffällt,  oder Fünfzig Wege die Amerikaner gewinnen den Deutschen Aufmerksamkeit (50 ways the Americans attract Germans attention). You can read part 1 here (numbers 1 – 10) and part 2 here (numbers 11 – 26), and part 3 here (numbers 27 – 33).

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A place to get away…

I know I don’t normally discuss the touristy stuff here on Living the American Dream in Europe, but it is at times a part of the experience, just like being silly and obsessed with things from my home culture, so here we are. Over the weekend my husband had a birthday and to counter the evils or fun of the night of (depending on how you look at it), we spent Sunday exploring a very small area of the Eifel region near Trier Germany. My husband found Berg Ramstein near a small village and thought it looked easy enough to trek to and around in less than one day, so off we went. Continue reading